1. All the students should strictly adhere to the rules and regulations framed by the college authorities from time to time for the smooth running of the institution.

2. All the students should adhere to highest standards of behaviour in their academic and professional life.

3. All the students should wear their identity card while they are inside the institutional campus.

4. Students should not stand or loiter in the corridors during class hours.

5. Students are forbidden to write on walls, desks and other pieces of furniture.

6. Undesired activities such as ragging, consumption of alcohol and drugs, smoking, using vulgar languages and involving in violence/strikes are strictly prohibited.

7. All students must submit an affidavit in the prescribed proforma against Ragging.

8. Without prior permission of college authorities, organizing / conducting tours, picnics cultural programmes etc are strictly prohibited.

9. Students should give utmost importance to class work, practical and home work.

10. Late comers will not be permitted to attend the classes in that session.

11. Regular attendance will be taken for all classes. 80% attendance in each subject is compulsory for appearing university examinations.

12. All the students should be regular to the college, and in case of absence without prior permission, it has to be reported to the concerned authorities(Faculty in charge). A letter of absence from parents or guardian is compulsory for continuation of attending the classes.

13. Entry to library is strictly on production of library ID cards. All students should follow the library rules and regulations.

14. Students should strictly follow the uniform dress code framed by the college authorities.

15. Students should compulsorily attend all sessional examinations and class tests.

16. Minimum mark as specified by the university is required for appearing the university examinations.

17. Promotion to higher classes will be strictly as per the affiliating university rules.

18. Use of mobile phones in the campus is strictly prohibited. Violators will be fined.

19. Students should not damage any of college properties like furniture, laboratory equipments and any one, if found to violate, will have to compensate for the losses incurred.

20. The college management has full authority to suspend/ dismiss any student without any explanations, if any untoward incidents are reported.

21. Original certificates one submitted at the time of admission will be returned only after the completion of the course.

22. Once the student is admitted, if he/she discontinues, they should remit the entire fees for the remaining year(s) to get back the original documents and transfer certificates.

23. Caution deposit will be refunded only at the time of issue of transfer certificate.

24. Students should not get themselves involve directly or indirectly in any issues and or attend/ organize meetings which will affect the college/management/its community.

25. College will remain closed on all Government holidays and special holidays declared by the management.

26. In all the matters, the decision of the administrator shall be final and binding to all. 

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